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Public preview: ExpressRoute guided portal experience for multi-site resiliency

Published date: January 30, 2024

Announcing the public preview of ExpressRoute guided portal experience, which makes it easier for you to configure multi-site resilient ExpressRoute circuits and connect them to a virtual network gateway. The new experience provides information including distance between the peering-locations (sites) and traffic engineering recommendations to help customers make informed configuration decisions. To onboard the guided portal experience during the preview period, use the Azure portal flight link. The experiece is currently available globally only in the Azure public cloud.

The public preview includes guided experience for:
•    configuring multi-site resiliency ExpressRoute circuits.
•    configuring standard single-site resiliency ExpressRoute circuit and augmenting for multi-site resiliency.
•    connecting multi-site resilient ExpressRoute circuits to a VNet gateway.
•    connecting standard ExpressRoute circuit to a VNet gateway and augmenting for multi-site resiliency.

View the guided portal experience for circuit creation.

Learn how to connect circuits to a virtual network gateway.

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