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Generally available: new result set grid in Azure Monitor log analytics

Published date: April 13, 2022

Azure Monitor log analytics is a native tool in the Azure portal for editing log queries and interactively analyzing your results. We now have a new ‘result set grid’ in log analytics which is designed to help you explore your logs results right in the UI, with a click, drag and drop experience without extensive need of Kusto Query Language (KQL). 

Some of the enhanced capabilities include: 

  • All new grid design with enhanced accessibility and focus on content
  • Improved performance
  • Search on results
  • Endless scroll – All results are shown on one page with no pagination
  • New grid controls – Like Microsoft Excel, with sort and filter, new column controls and right click menus 
  • Pivot mode – Create a pivot table for basic aggregations and data analysis right from the result set grid  

 Visit the log analytics results grid upgrade blog to learn more.

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