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Generally available: Azure Monitor Agent supports Linux Hardening for CIS and SELinux

Published date: May 10, 2023

Today AMA now supports CIS and SELinux hardening standards. For SELinux AMA works out of the box with a built in signed policy. For CIS, AMA currently supports the following distros and will continuously be adding more as our normal release and testing process.

These CIS images are also available in the Azure Marketplace. Different teams use different hardening rules, in order to standardize, we test and have validated against the Azure marketplace distros.

The Azure Monitoring Agent is also planned to support FIPs and STIG Linux hardening – to be released in the second half of this year (This is an internal soft commit Date)

Supported CIS Hardening Distros:

CentOS 7L1
Ubuntu 18L1
Ubuntu 20L1
Debian 10L1

Visit Linux Hardening Documentation for more information. 

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