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New virtual machine scale sets capabilities are now in preview

Published date: November 04, 2019

New features are now available in preview for virtual machine scale sets that will help you more easily manage virtual machines while improving their runtime and performance capabilities.  

  •  Create a virtual machine scale set and get the ability to add VMs belonging to different VM series later, during the VM creation process (similarly to what you can do today with an availability set).
  • Achieve high availability by deploying a set of VMs to a single availability zone and/or across different fault domains in an availability zone.  
  • It’s now possible to provision VMs in a  virtual machine scale set using custom images via Azure Shared Image Gallery. This capability provides an easy, quick, and scalable way to share images across different VMs and to accelerate provisioning times.
  • Application developers have new options to get more control over the infrastructure hosting their applications:  
    • By defining a termination policy, you have more control over the infrastructure, and you get up to 15 minutes to perform clean-up services on a VM, which is getting scaled in.
    • With instance protection, you can control which VM should not be deprovisioned during a scale-in action.
    • With a custom scale-in policy you can decide in which order the VMs should be deprovisioned (for example, oldest or newest first).

The new features, now available in preview,  will help you get your applications up and running quickly while giving you additional control over how your applications can flex to meet your requirements.

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