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Atualizações do Azure

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setembro 2018

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General availability: Immutable storage for Azure Blob storage

Immutable storage for Azure Blob storage is now generally available in all Azure public regions.

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General availability: Azure Availability Zones in West US 2 and North Europe

Azure Availability Zones, a high-availability solution for mission-critical applications, is now generally available in West US 2 and North Europe.

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General availability: Python 2 runbook support in Azure Automation

Azure Automation now supports Python 2 for general availability. You can import, author, and run Python 2 runbooks in Azure or on a Hybrid Runbook Worker.

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Azure API Management update September 14

Learn about the latest regular update to Azure API Management.

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New connectors in Azure Data Factory: Oracle Service Cloud and Google AdWords

You can now copy data from Oracle Service Cloud and Google AdWords into Azure by using Azure Data Factory.

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Power BI Embedded feature: Hide the Power BI logo during visualization load

Use the Power BI Embedded JavaScript SDK to hide the flickering Power BI logo that appears when a report is loaded.

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Power BI Embedded feature: Customize end user’s error experience for embedded reports

Software engineers can now customize the error experience shown when a report fails to load or is not available to the end user at that moment.

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Power BI Embedded: New QPU metric

A new Query Processing Units (QPU) metric has been added to Azure resource monitoring in Power BI Embedded.

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Power BI Embedded integration with Azure Diagnostics

Power BI Embedded is integrated with Azure Diagnostics logs, so you can dive into specific behaviors of the resource and better understand root causes for peaks in usage or errors.

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General availability: Event Hubs for Go

Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Go is generally available.

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Introducing Azure DevOps

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is becoming a set of Azure DevOps services. You'll start to notice new icons and names for Azure DevOps and each service within it.

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SQL Data Warehouse now available in Government Cloud

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 is now available in government cloud

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BulkExecutor for Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API now available

The BulkExecutor library for Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API is now generally available. This allows for fast data migration operations with configurable parameters to adapt to the specific needs for every database.

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Azure Database Migration Service: PostgreSQL to Azure DB for PostgreSQL migrations support

The Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) provides users the ability to migrate on-premises PostgreSQL databases or PostgreSQL databases running in a virtual machine to Azure Database for PostgreSQL while the source database remains online during migration. To learn more about using DMS to perform online migrations with minimal downtime, see the article Migrate PostgreSQL to Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

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Announcing general availability of Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid

The integration will simplify the architecture and development of IoT applications.

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Migration support for PostgreSQL to Azure DB for PostgreSQL

Now in preview, you can migrate PostgreSQL databases to Azure Database for PostgreSQL with minimal downtime by using the Azure Database Migration Service (DMS). Use the Azure CLI to provision an instance of the DMS service and then perform migrations from PostgreSQL on-premises or with virtual machines to Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse enables streaming solutions with Azure Databricks

Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) customers can build near real-time analytics solutions with tighter integration with Azure Databricks.

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Avere vFXT for Azure

The Avere vFXT for Azure is a high-performance cache for HPC workloads that provides low-latency access to Azure compute from Azure Blob and file-based storage locations.

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Filter VM sizes by current or previous generation

With a recent update to the virtual machine size picker, the default filter set will show current-generation virtual machine sizes only.

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Azure Data Box: Expanded availability, plus support for NFS and RBAC

The Azure Data Box service is now available for data ingestion to France regions, along with support for NFS and RBAC.