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General availability: Turn your phone into an IoT device with the new IoT Plug and Play mobile app

Published date: June 24, 2021

Turn your iOS or Android device into an IoT device that seamlessly connects to Azure IoT Central or IoT Hub, showcasing the power and simplicity of IoT Plug and Play.

After downloading and connecting the mobile app to Azure IoT, you’ll be able to:

A picture of IoT Central and the phone app
  • Send telemetry from device sensors such as the accelerometer and barometer.
  • See device properties such as the manufacturer and model number, and update device twins from the cloud.
  • Execute commands on your device, such as flashing your phone's flashlight, from Azure IoT.
  • Upload media to Azure Storage, using File Upload, from your device.

No device modeling experience required. Download the app, scan the QR code in your IoT solution, and let Azure IoT and Plug and Play take care of the rest. 

To get started search for "IoT Plug and Play"; in your phone's app store, or follow the links below to download the app on your device.

Download the app for your phone from the the App Store.Get the app for your Android phone on Google Play.

For more information about the app, or help getting started, visit our documentation page.

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