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Public preview: New capabilities for Azure Monitor logs

Published date: February 23, 2022

Azure Monitor logs has five new capabilities in public preview:

  1. Full power to your own logs: New table management API creates and updates custom and built-in table schemas. New data collection rules based custom logs API, supporting ingestion-time transformations, higher scale, AAD authentication, advanced networking features, and more. Read more
  2. Process your logs during ingestion: Transform, enrich, filter, and parse records in cloud as they are ingested, using a subset of the familiar KQL query language. Read more
  3. Cost effective solution for high volume verbose logs: Introducing ‘basic logs’, a new flavor of logs, with which you can use an optimized subset of existing log analytics capabilities with a reduced retention and a fraction of the cost. Read more
  4. Long-term archiving of logs for security and compliance: Logs archival enables storing logs for up to seven years at significant price reduction. You can access these logs using search jobs or by temporarily restoring a set of logs. Read more
  5. Search relevant logs out of petabytes of data: Search job is a new tool to query petabytes of data. These jobs can potentially run for hours and fetch all relevant records into standard tables. Read more
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