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Public preview: Azure Change Analysis New Portal Experience

Data opublikowania: 25 kwietnia, 2024

Change Analysis  

Viewing changes to your Azure resources just became easier! With Azure Resource Graph’s Change Analysis, you can now view all your resource changes across all your tenants and subscriptions in the Azure Portal. Resources are at the heart of this new experience. It also gives you an onboarding-free experience, tenant-wide querying rather than selecting subscriptions, more scalable and extensive filtering capabilities, change actor information and improved accuracy.

What’s new: Azure Portal UX  

This added functionality is now in public preview.  

  • The ability to view changes that are happening on your resources in the Azure Portal 

    • Filter between Creates/Updates/Deletes, Subscriptions, Resource Groups, Time Span 

    • Group by Subscription, Resource Group, Type, Resource, Change Type, Client Type, Changed By, Operation, Changed By Type and Correlation ID 

    • Change Actor: Who made the change and how a change was made  


Try it out  

You can try it out by heading to the All Resources page in the Azure Portal under the azure services section and then clicking on the “Changed Resources” button, or you can search for Change Analysis in the search bar of the Azure Portal then clicking on Change Analysis (Preview). You can also access it by clicking here Change Analysis Preview.


If you want to learn more about the new Change Analysis Portal experience you can learn more here.

View resource changes in the Azure portal (preview) - Azure Resource Graph | Microsoft Learn

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