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A new consolidated API version in Azure Monitor Logs is now available

Published date: June 08, 2020

A new API version for Azure Monitor Logs resource provider, 2020-03-01-preview, is now available. This API supports new functionality like customer-managed keys (CMK), bring your own storage (BYOS), along with other capabilities.

The new version consolidates the functionality of all earlier versions including: 2015-03-20, 2015-11-01-preview, and 2017-04-26-preview.

New REST API docs structure


With this update, we’ve refreshed all our SDKs with Log Analytics control operations and provided new CLI and PowerShell cmdlets versions.

Our product documentations were updated with the new API version and with new Resource Manager templates examples. These can help you get started with Azure Monitor Logs workspace operations like creating a workspacecollect Windows performance counters, and other functions.

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  • Log Analytics
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