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Azure Digital Twins is now in preview

Published date: September 24, 2018

Azure Digital Twins is now available in preview. Digital Twins is a cloud, AI, and IoT platform that uniquely enables customers and partners to create a comprehensive digital model of the physical environment that includes people, places, and things, as well as the relationships and processes that bind them. Create a digital twin of a physical environment by virtually replicating the relationships between people, places, and devices to analyze how space is used and optimize it to better serve peoples’ needs. Azure Digital Twins accelerates the time-to-value of spatial intelligent solutions and reduces development complexity and costs.

Digital Twins includes the following capabilities:

  • Spatial intelligence graph—This is an actual virtual representation of a physical environment that models the relationships among people, places, and devices. This digital twin generates insights that allow organizations to build solutions that can improve energy efficiency, space utilization, occupant experience, and more. This includes blob storage—the ability to attach and store maps, documents, manuals, pictures, and other files as metadata to the spaces, people, and devices represented in the graph.
  • Twin object models—The service also offers predefined schema and device protocols that align to a solution’s domain-specific needs to accelerate and simplify their creation.
  • Advanced compute through user-defined functions—Customize functions that send notifications or actions to endpoints based on incoming telemetry messages.
  • Built-in role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Active Directory—Securely control access and the ability to perform specific actions within a space.
  • Multitenancy and nested tenancy—Build solutions that scale and securely replicate across multiple tenants and sub-tenants by taking advantage of built-in multitenancy and nested-tenancy capabilities to ensure data is isolated.

Combined, these capabilities enable our partners to focus on driving results for their end customers by delivering advanced relational modeling while also addressing critical needs for privacy, security, and the ability to scale globally.

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