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Azure Backup - Automation updates - 2021

Published date: January 10, 2022

Over the last year, Azure Backup has released multiple enhancements to its programmatic interfaces which enables you to achieve efficiencies at scale and reduce human error. Take advantage of these key enhancements below, along with resources to help you get started.

  1. General Availability of Recovery Services CLI: The CLI commands for Azure Backup are now generally available, as they have now been updated to make use of latest CLI standards. There are no breaking changes introduced, and you can continue to use the commands in the same way as was done during the public preview period. Alternatively, you can make use of enhancements in the parameter set (for example, the ability to directly use ARM IDs in commands) to simplify their script authoring experience.
  2. PS/CLI support for Backup Vault workloads: Azure Backup now has PowerShell and CLI support for the workloads supported by Backup vaults, i.e., Azure Databases for PostgreSQL Server, Azure Blobs, Azure Disks.
  3. Terraform support for Backup vault workloads: We now have Terraform modules published for PostgreSQL DB backup, Blob backupand Disk backup.
  4. Bicep templates for Azure Backup: Bicep is a domain-specific language (DSL) that uses declarative syntax to deploy Azure resources. It provides concise syntax, reliable type safety, and support for code reuse. To enable Azure Backup users to benefit from Bicep, we've published sample Bicep templates for Azure VM backup, Blob backup and Disk backup.
  5. PS/CLI support for new features: We've added PS/CLI support for most of the new features that became generally available in this period, for example, Archive storage, User-assigned identity for CMK and MSI authentication for managed disk restore.

Refer to the automation landing pageto get started with setting up automation for your backups.

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