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General availability: Slicers API for Power BI Embedded

Published date: July 05, 2018

The Slicers API for Power BI Embedded is generally available.

When users interact with reports and want to see specific views of the data, they usually use the filter pane or slicers. A slicer is an alternate way of filtering that narrows the portion of the dataset shown in the other visualizations in a report. Many authors add slicers into their reports because they're more compelling and discoverable for users.

The Slicers API gives developers full control over the interactivity and drilling capabilities of users. The Slicers API enables you to get a slicer’s current settings or apply a new filter on the slicer. The API can be used at any time during the user’s session, including upon report load. The API supports both native and custom slicers. 


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