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General availability: Gateway Transit support for Global VNet Peering

Published date: April 12, 2019

Global VNet Peering seamlessly connects Azure virtual networks across regions. After virtual networks are peered, they appear as one for connectivity purposes. Traffic between resources in the peered virtual networks is completely private and stays on the Microsoft Backbone. Gateway Transit is a VNet Peering property that enables one virtual network to use the VPN gateway in the peered virtual network for cross-premises connectivity. Previously, support for Gateway Transit was limited to peering within the same region. With this announcement, Gateway Transit is supported for Global VNet Peering in all Azure public regions, Azure China regions, and Azure Government regions. 

Gateway Transit enables you to use a peered virtual network's gateway instead of creating a new gateway for connectivity. As you increase your workloads in Azure, you need to scale your networks across regions and virtual networks to keep up with the growth. VNet peering's Gateway Transit can help simplify your network architecture.

You can learn about Global VNet Peering and how to set up Gateway Transit


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