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Custom Translator—January 2020 improvements and language models update

Published date: February 03, 2020

Here are the updates on Microsoft Custom Translator bug fixes, improvements, and new/refreshed models for January 2020.

Improvements and changes

  • We added a C# code sample to GitHub to help developers generate user access tokens programmatically for workflow or interactive solutions. You can find a link to the code sample on our Swagger UI site here.
  • We made enhancements to the document upload pipeline so we can better support bulk uploads and high traffic.
  • We added additional resiliency to our training process that should further reduce the number of training failures.

Language pair release

Language pairRelease dateRelease note
Turkish-English 1/27/2020New model
English-Hindi 1/27/2020New model
Hindi-English 1/27/2020New model
Greek-English 1/27/2020New model
English -Turkish 1/27/2020New model
Thai-English 1/27/2020New model
Hungarian-English 1/27/2020New model
English-Hungarian 1/27/2020New model
Serbian (Latin)-English 1/26/2020New model
Bosnian (Latin)-English 1/26/2020New model
Indonesian-English 1/26/2020New model
Polish-English 1/15/2020New model
Romanian-English 1/15/2020New model
Slovenian-English 1/15/2020New model
Hebrew-English 1/15/2020New model
French-English 1/15/2020New model
Finnish-English 1/15/2020New model
Urdu-English 1/15/2020New model
English-Urdu 1/15/2020New model
English-Ukrainian 1/15/2020New model
Ukrainian-English 1/15/2020New model
Vietnamese-English 1/15/2020New model
Portuguese (Brazil)-English 1/15/2020New model
Dutch-English 1/15/2020New model
Georgian-English 1/15/2020New model
English-Swedish 1/15/2020New model
Swedish-English 1/15/2020New model
Czech-English 1/15/2020New model
English-Czech 1/15/2020New model
English-Danish 1/15/2020New model
Danish-English 1/15/2020New model
English-Filipino 1/9/2020New model
Filipino-English 1/9/2020New model
Tahitian-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Tahitian 1/9/2020New model
Maori-English 1/9/2020New model
Irish-English 1/9/2020New model
Marathi-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Marathi 1/9/2020New model
Gujarati-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Gujarati 1/9/2020New model
Punjabi-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Punjabi 1/9/2020New model
Telugu-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Telugu 1/9/2020New model
Kannada-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Kannada 1/9/2020New model
Afrikaans-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Afrikaans 1/9/2020New model
English-Georgian 1/9/2020New model
English-Fijian 1/9/2020New model
Fijian-English 1/9/2020New model
Tongan-English 1/9/2020New model
English-Tongan 1/9/2020New model
Korean-English 12/6/2019New model
English-Vietnamese 11/25/2019New model
English-Thai 11/25/2019New model
English-Irish 11/25/2019New model
English-Maori 11/25/2019New model
English-Welsh 11/25/2019New model
English-Hebrew 11/25/2019New model
English-Chinese (Simplified) 11/25/2019New model
English-Arabic11/25/2019New model
English-Bulgarian 11/25/2019New model
Welsh-English 11/25/2019New model
Bulgarian-English 11/25/2019New model
Chinese (Simplified)-English 11/25/2019New model


For more details on Microsoft Custom Translator and supported languages, please refer to Custom Translator Supported Languages.


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