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Disclosure: In-tree disk and file drivers will no longer be supported starting in Kubernetes v1.26

Published date: March 01, 2023

Due to the deprecation of in-tree storage drivers by the Kubernetes Community, Azure Storage is now provided by the Azure Disk CSI driver and Azure File CSI driver. Starting in Kubernetes 1.26 , we will no longer offer support for Azure Disk and Azure File in-tree drivers. While existing deployments using the in-tree drivers are not expected to break, these will no longer be tested and users should update them to use the CSI drivers as soon as possible.

Required action

To migrate your existing in-tree disk and file volumes, review the following guidance: .

To help enforce the use of CSI drivers on new volumes, we have created an Azure policy that you can enable on your clusters to prevent future creation of in-tree driver storage classes and persistent volumes. You can view the policy and enable it here: Kubernetes clusters should use Container Storage Interface(CSI) driver StorageClass.

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