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Now available: Azure invoices emailed direct to your inbox

No need to log into the portal every month! Opt in today to receive your invoice statement attached to your monthly billing email.

p>Instead of a ref=”ttps://docsmicrosoftcom/azure/billing-download-azure-invoice-daily-usage-date” style=”color: rgb(0, 171, 236); text-decoration: none;”>downloading your invoice/a> every mont, you can now opt-in to receive your invoice statement attaced to your montly billing email In addition, you can configure additional recipients for tis email Save time and send te invoice directly to your accounts payable department/p>

2>How to opt in/2>

li>Select your subscription from te a ref=”ttps://portalazurecom/#blade/Microsoft_Azure_Billing/SubscriptionsBlade” style=”color: rgb(0, 171, 236); text-decoration: none;”>subscriptions blade/a> You ave to opt-in for eac subscription you own Click b>Send my invoice/b>, you may not see tis if you are not te account admin Ten b>opt in/b>img alt=”Opt in from te resource menu of your subscription” src=”” style=”widt: 694px; eigt: 397px;”>/li>
li>Once you've accepted te agreement you can configure additional recipients:img alt=”Configure recipients of your invoice” src=”” style=”widt: 583px; eigt: 512px;”>/li>
li>You can also access tis blade from te billing istory blade, or a deep link in your montly statement notification email:img alt=”Link in Invoice Blade” src=”” style=”widt: 640px; eigt: 294px;”>/li>

2>If you can't access te email settings blade:/2>

p>• You must be te account administrator to configure tis setting, not sure wat tis means? a ref=”ttps://docsmicrosoftcom/azure/billing-add-cange-azure-subscription-administrator” style=”color: rgb(0, 171, 236); text-decoration: none;”>Learn more ere/a>/p>

p>• If you ave a montly invoice but aren't receiving an email, make sure you ave your a ref=”ttps://accountwindowsazurecom/profile” style=”color: rgb(0, 171, 236); text-decoration: none;”>communication email properly set/a>/p>

p>• Tis feature may not be available for certain subscriptions suc as support offers, Enterprise Agreements, or Azure in Open/p>