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Search for Logic Apps connectors and more Run blade details

Published date: July 10, 2015
With the long list of connectors, it can be difficult to find the service you're looking for. We added a search box in the right pane to help you find exactly the connector you're looking for. If we don't have the connector you need, we provide a link so you can suggest it: Logic Apps Feedback Forum.searchandtooltipWe have improved the tooltips in the designer so you can always see the full details of actions and parameters, including their identifiers, and the descriptions, along with a the types of different fields (for example, is it a number or a string). You can use these identifiers when writing your own expressions in the inputs.There are richer details to the Run blade. In addition to all of the actions and their statuses, you can see:
  • The trigger that kicked off the run.
  • The outputs from that trigger (which would be the values that the workflow used).
  • When the run happened (the exact start and end times).
  • The correlation ID. This is a GUID that is sent to every action in the run, you can use this to correlate backend logs with this particular run.
  • If you defined outputs in the definition, they will show up here. You can define outputs to have a run return some values (see this output code).
We corrected the following defects:
  • Fixed spacing issues in the settings menu and on the settings card when you create an API app.
  • The SharePoint Online connector would sometimes fail to load in the Logic Apps designer.
  • Using the range() function (for example, you can have an action execute five times by using range(0,5)).
  • The Repeat over a list would cause the designer to not load.
We will be hosting our next community webcast on UTube at Logic Apps Live on July 21, 2015 at 11 A.M. PDT.
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