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The self-hosted gateway feature of API Management is now generally available

Published date: April 29, 2020

It provides new deployment options and expands API Management support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that are common among enterprise customers.  With self-hosted gateway, customers can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency by consolidating management and observability of all their APIs, hosted in Azure, on-premises, and other clouds, into a single API Management service without compromising latency, security, privacy, or compliance.

The self-hosted gateway is a functionally equivalent  version of the API Management gateway component used in the Azure cloud, packaged as a Linux-based Docker container image. Customers can co-locate self-hosted gateways with the API implementations, running it in Docker for evaluation or development or in Kubernetes in production. Self-hosted gateway links to and relies on an API Management service for management. It emits logs and metrics to Azure and can also be configured to emit them locally. Self-hosted gateway requires connectivity to Azure but is resilient to intermittent loss of connection.

For more information about the self-hosted gateway, refer to this overview article.

Getting started with self-hosted gateway is easy. Follow instructions here to try it on Docker and here to try it on Kubernetes.

See more information on availability and pricing

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