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Some Azure Service Bus SDK libraries will be retired on 30 September 2026—migrate to the latest SDKs

Published date: October 06, 2023

On 30 September 2026, we'll retire the Azure Service Bus SDK libraries WindowsAzure.ServiceBus, Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus, and, which don't conform to Azure SDK guidelines. Migrate to the latest Azure SDK libraries, which offer critical security updates and improved capabilities, before that date.

For WindowsAzure.ServiceBus:

  • We'll also end support of the SBMP protocol, so you'll no longer be able to use this protocol after 30 September 2026. You can keep using this library with the AMQP protocol after that date, but you'll no longer receive support or updates.
  • Azure Event Hubs previously used this library, so if you're still using it with Event Hubs you'll need to migrate your library, even if you're not using Service Bus.
  • Azure WCF Relay still uses this library, and support of this library in combination with this service will continue until further notice.

For Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus and

  • You can keep using these libraries after 30 September 2026, but they'll no longer receive support or updates. If you prefer to keep using them, source code is available on GitHub and you can apply your own fixes as needed.

Learn more about the retirement and replacement of older Azure SDK libraries.

Recommended action

Migrate to the latest Azure SDK libraries by 30 September 2026 to continue receiving regular security and performance updates:


Retiring SDK

Latest SDK


Service Bus




Service Bus




Service Bus



Event Hubs




For more information, see the migration guides for WindowsAzure.ServiceBusMicrosoft.Azure.ServiceBus, and

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