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Public preview: Azure App Configuration soft delete capability

Published date: March 16, 2022

To help you manage your configuration stores, Azure App Configuration has released new capabilities in public preview for standard tier subscriptions:

  • Utilize soft delete if a store was accidentally deleted and recover a store to its previous state for a period of one to seven days after deletion. All currently existing standard tier stores have this capability enabled, with a default recovery period of seven days.
  • Protect against a "hard delete" with purge protection. With this feature, if a store is deleted within the one to seven day window for soft delete, you will be able to recover it during that retention period.

Note: If during the specified ­one to seven day period for soft delete you wish to delete a store and then create a new store with the same name, you will need to disable purge protection, delete the store, then create the new store to replace it. Effective 15 April 2022, the ability to recover a deleted store through customer support will no longer be available.

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