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Power BI Embedded supports additional mobile gestures

Published date: April 02, 2018


Support for an optimized mobile layout for reports and dashboards, specifically for mobile applications, was previously announced. Now, support for two gestures is also available in reports:

  • Double-click. Consuming analytics in a mobile device can be hard when you're trying to balance screen size by providing the visual enough space to be useful, versus using the screen for other elements in your application. The double-click helps to solve that dilemma. Users who want to dive deeper into the visual details can just double-click anywhere on the visual, and it will instantly open in focus mode.
  • Swipe. When a user interacts with an analytical object and swipes on the device, an event is triggered for the application to use. The application, in turn, can use the event to adjust it within the app’s flow or business logic, and use any action for that. For example, you can adjust it so that when the user swipes, the app can switch report pages, switch to other reports or dashboards, or switch to a different page in the application.
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