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Public preview: New Memory Optimized VM sizes - E96bsv5 and E112ibsv5

Published date: December 06, 2022

The new E96bsv5 and E112ibsv5 VM sizes part of the Azure Ebsv5 VM series offer the highest remote storage performances of any Azure VMs to date.  The new VMs can now achieve even higher VM-to-disk throughput and IOPS performance with up to 8,000 MBps and 260,000 IOPS.  This enables you to run data intensive workloads more efficiently and process more data on fewer vCPUs, potentially optimizing infrastructure and licensing costs.   

Public preview is initially available in US West Central, and there are plans to add more regions soon. Be among the first to try out these new VM sizes by requesting access to the public preview.  To learn more about these new VM sizes read the blog.

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