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Azure Data Box: Expanded availability, plus support for NFS and RBAC

Published date: September 04, 2018

We've made the following enhancements to the Azure Data Box preview:

  • Supported regions: The service is now available for Azure France regions. You can use Data Box and Azure Data Box Disk to ingest data into storage accounts in the France Central or France South region. For more information, see Data Box service availability regions.
  • Ingestion using NFS:Data Box now supports NFS for ingestion. Based on your requirements, you can decide to use either NFS or SMB to copy data to Data Box.
  • RBAC: With standard RBAC support, you can control the access permissions for Data Box and Data Box Disk orders. We’re also introducing a new built in role—Data Box Reader —which allows users to view order details. The read-only role ensures that users in your datacenter have access to the required permissions to connect to and operate the Data Box Family of devices, without the need for storage account access. With this role, users will not be able to create new orders or modify existing orders.

For pricing information about Azure Data Box, see the Pricing details page.

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