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Public preview: Azure SQL Trigger for Azure Functions

Published date: November 30, 2022

Announcing public preview of Azure SQL trigger for Azure Functions as well as the addition of Java and PowerShell support for Azure SQL bindings for Azure Functions

With the Azure SQL trigger for Azure Functions, customers with nearly any SQL database can enable change tracking and develop event-driven applications on Azure Functions.  Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and SQL Server are all compatible with the Azure SQL trigger for Azure Functions, which is now available in public preview in Elastic Premium Plan for C# Azure Functions. The SQL trigger documentation is available at

Azure SQL bindings for Azure Functions have already been very popular. For customers looking to migrate their applications to Azure, SQL bindings enables them to rebuild to modern architectures with improved efficiency.  While many enterprises are already working with the SQL bindings public preview for C#, JavaScript, and Python Azure Functions, others have told us how important it is to be able to quickly integrate their Java Azure Functions with Azure SQL and PowerShell is especially popular with SQL DBAs. Documentation for all languages supported by SQL bindings are available at

With improvements to the Azure SQL and Azure Functions integration we make it easier for all kinds of developers to build their applications on some of the best services Azure has to offer

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