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Update your Azure App Service apps to use Microsoft .NET 6 before 3 December 2022

Fecha de publicación: 21 marzo, 2022

On 3 December 2022, extended support for Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 will end. After that date, your applications that are hosted on App Service will continue to run and your existing workloads will not be impacted. However, we'll no longer provide patches or customer service for .NET Core 3.1.

Update your App Service applications to use .NET 6, which is the latest version with long-term support and provides these enhancements:

  • A unified set of base libraries and an SDK that make it easy to share code across any application type.
  • Simplified development with new C# 10 features and minimal APIs.
  • Hot reload that allows you to make code changes without explicit recompiling.

Recommended action

To avoid potential service disruptions or security vulnerabilities, follow the steps to update your App Service applications to use .NET 6 before 3 December 2022.

Help and support

If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A. If you have a support plan and you need technical help, create a support request.

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