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HBv2-series VMs for HPC are now available in UAE North

Published date: December 11, 2020

HBv2 VMs for supercomputing -lass HPC are now generally available in the Azure UAE North region.

HBv2 Virtual Machines are Azure’s flagship product offerings for highly-scalable HPC workloads, from fluid dynamics, to molecular simulations, weather prediction, reservoir simulation, seismic processing.

Each HBv2 VM features 120 AMD EPYC™ 7002-series CPU cores, 480 GB of RAM, 480 MB of L3 cache, and no simultaneous multithreading (SMT). HBv2 Virtual Machines provide up to 340 GB/sec of memory bandwidth, which is 66% higher than other x86 CPU alternatives.

HBv2 also features the fastest networking on the public cloud for CPU-based HPC. To drive optimal at-scale message passing interface (MPI) performance, HBv2 Virtual Machines feature 200 Gb/s HDR InfiniBand from our technology partners at Mellanox with support for advanced features, like congestion control and adaptive routing, that help customer HPC workloads to scale efficiently and cost effectively out to tens of thousands of CPU cores.

Learn more about Azure’s latest HPC performance.

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