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Public preview: Azure Container Apps offers new plan and pricing structure

Published date: April 12, 2023

Azure Container Apps now offers a new plan and pricing structure designed to adapt compute options to individual apps and microservices components for more flexible microservices solutions. Azure Container Apps now supports a Dedicated plan in addition to the existing serverless Consumption plan. 

Compute options are represented as workload profiles defined at the Azure Container Apps environment scope. We currently support general purpose and memory optimized workload profiles with up to 16 vCPU’s and 128GiB’s of memory. When using Dedicated workload profiles, you are billed per node, compared to Consumption where you are billed per app.

For each Dedicated workload profile in your environment, you can:

  • Select the category and size of the workload profile.
  • Deploy as many apps as you want to each one.
  • Use autoscaling to add/remove nodes based on the needs of the apps.
  • Limit scaling of the profile to provide increased cost control and predictability.

Each app can be configured to run on any of the workload profiles defined for the Azure Container Apps environment scope with Consumption and Dedicated plans running seamlessly in the same Azure Container Apps environment. This is ideal for developers when deploying a microservice solution where each app can run on the appropriate compute infrastructure. Additionally, the new Consumption workload profile allows developers to request up to 4 vCPU’s and 8Gib’s of memory for an app, twice what can be requested in the original Consumption only plan.

The new plan structure we are announcing today also delivers a set of preview features to optimize network architecture including:

  • Reduced subnet size requirements with a new /27 minimum.
  • Support for Azure Container Apps environments on subnets with locked down network security - groups and user defined routes (UDR).
  • Support for Azure Container Apps environments on subnets configured with Azure Firewall and third-party network appliances. 

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