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General Availability : Help API provides access to self-help diagnostics

Published date: August 14, 2023

Help API is now Generally Available! Help API provides you relevant and high-quality, self-help solutions to resolve issues with your Azure resource quickly and conveniently.

With Help API you gain access to rich Azure diagnostics that can potentially reduce your overall downtime in resolution of support incidents and thereby your support costs. This feature is currently available at NO COST, empowering you to troubleshoot issues with your Azure resource within seconds from your preferred UI ,or by using API tools such as Postman without the need to create support tickets. Additional support is also offered for different programming languages and interfaces, as outlined in the documentation.

Help API offers two key capabilities :

  1. Solution Discovery: Returns relevant diagnostics specific to the issues with your resource. You can narrow your solution search results by adding specific inputs such as the problemClassificationId, in addition to the resourceId.
  2. Solution Execution: Execute applicable diagnostics which are then presented in a step-by-step format, guiding you through the process of resolving your issue efficiently.

To get started on your journey with Help API, visit our documentation.  



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