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Backup Reports is now generally available

Published date: March 02, 2021

Leveraging Azure Monitor Logs and Azure Workbooks, Backup Reports provides the following capabilities to help backup admins obtain insights on their backups: 

  • Auditing of backups and restores, and viewing policy adherence information for each backup instance
  • Allocating and forecasting of cloud storage consumed
  • Gaining visibility into cost optimization opportunities for backups
  • Emailing reports to other users in the organization
  • Customization of reports

This solution works across multiple workload types that are supported by Azure Backup. This includes Azure workloads such as Azure VMs, SQL in Azure VMs, SAP HANA in Azure VMs, Azure Files, as well as on-premises workloads using DPM, Azure Backup Server, and Azure Backup Agent. Support for newer workloads will be added in the future. The reports can aggregate information across multiple vaults, subscriptions, and regions. And if you are an Azure Lighthouse user with delegated access to your customers’ subscriptions/LA Workspaces, you can view reporting data across all your tenants within a single pane of glass.  This feature is now generally available in public geos, and will become generally available for national clouds in a week from today.

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