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Azure Standard SSDs now generally available

Published date: September 24, 2018

Azure Standard SSD Managed Disks are now generally available.    

Pricing |  Azure Disks webpage  

We're announcing the general availability of Standard SSD: a cost-effective Azure Managed Disks offering optimized for low IOPS workloads that need consistent performance. 

Standard SSDs deliver better availability, consistency, reliability, and latency compared to HDD disks, and are well suited for web servers, low IOPS application servers, lightly used enterprise applications, and dev/test workloads. With larger Azure Managed Disks sizes now in preview, you can also use Standard SSDs for big-data workloads that require high throughput.  

General availability pricing for Standard SSD Managed Disks sizes E10-E50 will be effective November 1, 2018. Read the blog or the documentation to learn more. 

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