Backup and archive

Protect your data and applications no matter where they reside to avoid costly business interruptions or to meet compliance requirements. Securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud—reducing cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and scalability.

  • SAAB
  • PCL Construction
  • Kardem
  • Vigilent IT
  • MassMutual Financial Group

"Using Azure is cheaper than our previous backup solution—one quarter the cost. The savings increase with every gigabyte of data we add."

Chris Palmer, Solutions Architect, PCL Construction

Increase capacity, reduce costs

Keep pace with the exponential growth of your enterprise data while lowering deployment and management costs. With a low-cost, massively-scalable, tiered backup storage solution in the cloud, you’ll reduce forecasting risks while transforming capital expenditure commitments to a pay-as-you-go cloud model.

"Our IT staff no longer has to handle tapes daily, coordinate with the external storage company, and pay for tape equipment maintenance, all of which equates to a savings of €30,000 to €40,000 [US$33,000 to US$45,000] annually."

Daniel Platz, IT Manager

Create scalable backup storage solutions with Azure.
Simplify data archiving with Azure.

Get hassle-free backup and data archiving

Improve your organization’s productivity by spending less time managing and maintaining your on-premises backup storage infrastructure and software. Simplify backup and data archiving with backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage solutions that easily restore data and applications from the cloud.

Vigilent IT
"We don't have to worry about managing space on expensive purpose-built backup storage systems. We have no tape costs, management costs, nothing. Backup is dramatically cheaper with Azure."

Sean DeLessio, Lead Engineer

Rest assured your compliance goals are met

Take advantage of policies designed to meet your business or regulatory compliance requirements. Benefit from the most comprehensive compliance portfolio available, get more than 99 years of retention for your backup data, and pick any Azure region around the globe for your backup and archive location.

MassMutual Financial Group
"Microsoft Azure is the best option we have seen in the market, which attains a perfect balance between high performance and cost-effectiveness for us, helping us meet the regulatory compliancy law in an extremely short period of time. What they offer is not just a product, but a one-stop solution that gave us peace of mind."

Daryl Cheng, Senior Vice President

Meet compliance requirements with Azure hybrid storage.
Keep remote backup storage close.

Keep remote and branch offices running smoothly

Move your backup storage to the cloud to save on infrastructure investments for remote and branch offices. Replace expensive intranets with low-cost internet and archive data in your preferred Azure datacenter region across the globe, so that your data is close to your branch office—maintaining enterprise-grade security for data in transit and at rest.

PCL Construction
"As a construction company, keeping our jobsites running and field staff productive is job one. If there's a disaster, we can use Data Protection Manager and Azure to recover quickly."

Chris Palmer, Solutions Architect

Jumpstart backup and archive in your organization

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Архивирование локальных приложений и данных в облакеВыполняйте резервное копирование данных и приложений из локальных систем в Azure, используя службу Azure Backup или партнерское решение. Для подключения к службе Backup или хранилищу BLOB-объектов Azure используется интернет-подключение. Azure Backup Server может записывать резервные копии напрямую в службу Azure Backup. Кроме того, партнерские решения в локальной среде, такие как Commvault Simpana или Veeam Availability Suite, могут записывать резервные копии напрямую в хранилище BLOB-объектов или через конечную точку в облаке, к примеру Veeam Cloud Connect.

Back up data and applications from an on-premises system to Azure using Azure Backup or a partner solution. An Internet connection to Azure is used to connect to Azure Backup or Azure Blob storage. Azure Backup Server can write backups directly to Azure Backup. Alternatively, a partner solution such as Commvault Simpana or Veeam Availability Suite, hosted on-premises, can write backups to Blob storage directly or via a cloud endpoint such as Veeam Cloud Connect.

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Резервное копирование облачных приложений и данных в облакоРезервное копирование данных и приложений, работающих в Azure, в другое расположение Azure выполняется с помощью службы Azure Backup или партнерского решения.

Back up data and applications running in Azure to another Azure location by using Azure Backup or a partner solution.

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Архивация локальных данных в облакеАрхивирование локальных данных в хранилище BLOB-объектов Azure.

Archive your on-premises data to Azure Blob storage.

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