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The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server on Azure

Implement a quick, simple, and low-impact Windows Server migration to Azure. Enhance your existing Windows Server skillset as you move your workloads to the cloud. Read this guide to: 

  • Get tactical steps for implementing your migration.
  • Review key pointers on how to migrate smoothly with minimal impact to your business.
  • Find exclusive resources from Microsoft and Microsoft partners to learn more about the capabilities and the opportunities available for data centers invested in Windows Server.

Azure for Architects, Third Edition

Design your cloud solutions with high availability, security, and scalability

Get expert guidance for cloud, serverless, and data analytics design

Base your cloud solutions on strategy and architecture that meets the needs of your organization. In the Azure for Architects e-book from Packt Publishing, you’ll find simplified guidance for everything from understanding core services to delivering advanced solutions. In this updated third edition, you’ll also to learn how to design serverless architectures and gain meaningful insights from your data systems. Explore topics including:

  • Common design patterns, principles, and best practices for working in Azure.
  • Designing for high availability, performance, scale, and resilience, and making informed deployment decisionss about deployment strategies.
  • Core Azure services as well as advanced solutions that use the Internet of Things, serverless computing, DevOps, and data services.
  • Cost management, security, and monitoring to How to ensure your solutions meet business requirements using cost management, security, and monitoring tools.
  • How to accelerate and simplify application development with serverless compute. Build event-driven functions and design applications based on events—with Azure Functions.
  • How to quickly build solutions to connect apps and services and automate workflows without writing code—using Azure Logic Apps. 
  • Delivering unmatched time to insight by migrating your data warehouse system to Azure Synapse Analytics, a fully managed analytics service.

Take a structured approach to your development and create solutions faster with the foundation provided in the updated third edition of this exclusive e-book, free from Microsoft.

Future-Proof Your Data Infrastructure with Azure: A Business Case for Database Administrators

Become your company’s cloud database expert by delivering new value to your business with the Azure SQL family of database services. Read this e-book for examples of how real customers are using Azure SQL to take advantage of: 

  • Enterprise-grade scale and performance, seamless data migration, and low total cost of ownership. 
  • Flexibility with fully managed relational and NoSQL database options, including support for open-source languages and tools. 
  • Optimized performance with automated tools and capabilities including hot patching and predictive analytics.
  • Advanced data security with data discovery and classification, proactive vulnerability assessment, and intelligent threat detection. 

DBAs who use Azure SQL reduce day-to-day maintenance through automated updates and get enterprise-grade scale and performance.

7 Tips to Optimize Remote Developer Team Productivity

Development team leaders are increasingly managing fully distributed teams as organizations embrace remote work. This presents new challenges and opportunities to maximize a teams’ potential by enabling them to code, collaborate, and ship efficiently and securely from any location. 

Download 7 Tips to Optimize Remote Developer Team Productivity to find out how to empower your distributed development team with the right tools, skills, and culture for remote development. Get guidance and practical examples to learn how to: 

  • Build and maintain a strong team culture in an online environment. 
  • Provide your developers with processes and tools to streamline remote coding while enhancing team collaboration. 
  • Apply automation principles and track application health across the entire development lifecycle in a remote, distributed organization. 

Cloud Database Migration Essentials

Simplify your path to the cloud and grow your skillset to become a cloud database administrator with Cloud Database Migration Essentials. Get guidance on planning your migration from start to finish, as well as tools to make your migration faster and easier.

Download this e-book for database migration key steps—and see how to use Azure to:

  • Build on your existing skills while using familiar tools and languages.
  • Maintain complete SQL Server compatibility while always operating on the latest version of SQL.
  • Take advantage of built-in app modernization and refactoring capabilities.
  • Get continuous automatic tuning built with AI as well as intelligent threat detection.

With the Azure SQL family of database services, you get a consistent code base to build once and deploy anywhere, plus the ability to instantly boost your database’s performance with hyperscale.

The Essential Guide to Data in the Cloud: A Handbook for DBAs

Your company’s data is moving to the cloud and your role as a database administrator (DBA) is about to transform.  Get the skills you need to make the transition to becoming a cloud DBA in The Essential Guide to Data in the Cloud: A Handbook for DBAs.

Read this e-book—and learn how to use Azure to:

  • Grow your existing skillset to include cloud optimization, experimentation, and high-level data architecture.
  • Lower costs and streamline app modernization with automated maintenance and analytics capabilities.
  • Understand the transformation from on-premises databases to cloud data services—and the cloud database technologies available like AI and intelligent threat detection.

With the Azure SQL family of database services, you get hyperscale service, a consistent code base to build once and deploy anywhere, and the ability to match performance to your workload requirements 

Migrate to the Cloud and Track Your Progress with Azure Migrate

Learn how to simplify your journey to the cloud with this guide to using Azure Migrate—the central hub for tools to help you start, track, and analyze your migration to Azure. You’ll also find solutions for specific migration scenarios workloads including Linux servers, SQL databases, and web apps. 

Read this guide to get answers to important migration questions like: 

  • What resources and tools does Microsoft offer to support my migration? 
  • How can I remove some of the complexity from the migration process? 
  • How do I use Azure Migrate to migrate my applications, servers, and data?

Azure Synapse Analytics Proof of Concept Playbook

Discover how to manage and scale a complex analytics program easily and economically with Azure Synapse Analytics. Read the Azure Synapse Analytics Proof of Concept Playbook to understand the key concepts involved in deploying Azure Synapse—and get the evidence you need to make the case for implementation at your organization.

Learn how to:

  • Define the scope and goals of your proof of concept.
  • Establish a timeline and test plan.
  • Assemble your proof of concept team.
  • Implement your proof of concept and run your test.
  • Interpret the results of your test.

Mastering Azure Machine Learning

Start building machine learning models with Microsoft Azure. Explore this free e-book from Packt for hands-on guidance, real examples, and executable code.

This guide will help you master machine learning development and build with confidence. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline in Azure.
  • Choose the right Azure service for a specific machine learning task.
  • Perform data preparation, experimentation, and feature extraction.
  • Train, optimize, deploy, and monitor your models.

Azure for ISV E-book

This e-book is designed for growing technology companies wanting to understand and calculate the challenges, opportunities, and tradeoffs faced in building and scaling their software business. 

This guide covers: 

• How Azure’s capabilities and built-in services help level the playing field with enterprise competitors 

• How both business and technical processes can be more efficient and affordable with Azure services 

• Specific savings you could realize by leveraging the Azure Pricing Calculator to better predict costs