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Azure DevOps Explained

Deliver quality applications efficiently and at scale with Azure DevOps tools for every phase of the development lifecycle. Get this e-book to help you plan projects, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications faster. Also, explore ways to increase quality and customer satisfaction with continuous software delivery. 

In Azure DevOps Explained, you’ll find DevOps principles and follow tutorials to learn how to:

  • Manage projects with Kanban boards and securely manage source code with repositories.
  • Enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) by creating build and release pipelines with fully integrated package management.
  • Ship applications faster by using GitHub and Azure DevOps together.
  • Improve code quality and manage project testing lifecycles with Azure Test Plans.
  • Set up CI/CD pipelines for .NET-based applications and container-based infrastructures with step-by-step instructions.

Migration Guide: Citrix Cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop

Get more value from your existing Citrix investments by modernizing your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with Azure Virtual Desktop—previously called Windows Virtual Desktop. Use this guide to learn about migrating your Citrix on-premises virtual desktop and app environment to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for Azure. 

Find out how to:

  • Plan a successful move with migration prerequisites and insights for using Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop solutions together. 
  • Unify management and support more users across your hybrid environment by quickly deploying and scaling virtual desktops.
  • Deliver secure, productive remote work experiences virtually anywhere using Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for Azure. 
  • Optimize your VDI with best practices and familiar tools like Windows 10 Enterprise multisession, integrated security features, and Citrix App Layering.

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Disaster Recovery

Learn how to strengthen business resilience by developing a disaster recovery strategy for your Azure Virtual Desktops—formerly called Windows Virtual Desktop—in Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Disaster Recovery. With this free handbook, you’ll: 

Get step-by-step guidance to create a disaster recovery strategy for your Azure Virtual Desktop environment to keep users connected during an outage.

  • Learn how to enable business continuity with tools like Azure Site Recovery, FSlogix, Azure NetApp Files, and Cloud Cache.
  • Find recommendations for testing and optimizing your disaster recovery implementation. 

Migration Guide: VMware Horizon Cloud and Azure Virtual Desktop

Get more value from your existing VMware investments by modernizing your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with Azure Virtual Desktop—formerly called Windows Virtual Desktop. Learn to simplify delivery of your VMware-hosted virtual desktops and apps by using VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure. 

Download this guide to find out how to: 

  • Deliver highly secure remote work solutions to your organization from virtually anywhere, with a familiar Windows 10 experience. 
  • Plan for implementation with prerequisites and steps to use Horizon Cloud on Azure. 
  • Apply best practices to quickly deploy, test, and scale your app and desktop virtualization on Azure. 
  • Optimize your environment after deployment with tools like Azure Advisor and VMware App Volumes. 

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Application Management

Discover how to modernize application delivery and simplify IT management in the Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Application Management. In this free handbook, learn how to streamline app management in Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) through a new application layering solution called MSIX app attach. 

Download this handbook to:

  • Learn about app management fundamentals and technologies, including MSIX, MSIX app attach, and MSIX packages.
  • Get technical, step-by-step guidance on how to centralize app delivery and management.
  • Explore best practices and troubleshooting tips to optimize your app management.

The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop—a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

Learn about the cost savings and business benefits that companies experienced by using Azure Virtual Desktop—previously called Windows Virtual Desktop—for their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This 2021 Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft and Intel provides a detailed analysis of the return on investment and other outcomes experienced by real customers. 

The analysis shows that potential benefits include:

  • A three-year 210 percent return on investment and payback on the initial investment in as little as three months.
  • Reduced IT costs for maintenance, deployment, and management by 59 percent.
  • Reduced VDI licensing and infrastructure costs by up to 34 percent.
  • Increased productivity by up to 22 person-hours through improved security response, connectivity, and user onboarding.

Migrating Linux to Microsoft Azure

Get technical guidance to securely migrate and run Linux on Azure your way, using your favorite distribution. Download this comprehensive Packt e-book for tools, labs, and hands-on examples—and learn how to skillfully plan, implement, test, manage, and troubleshoot your Azure migration.

Read this free e-book to:

  • Understand various Linux distributions and how they affect your cloud migration strategy.
  • Use proven assessment tools like Azure Migrate to gauge the migration readiness of your Linux workloads.
  • Optimize your post-migration operational costs and infrastructure.
  • Help protect your migrated resources with encryption, updates, and other security and management features.
  • Fix common Linux runtime challenges, remote connectivity and virtual machine (VM) start issues, and other migration problems.

17 Lessons Learned Migrating SAP to the Cloud

Visualize what your organization’s digital transformation can look like on Azure. Read the e-book, 17 Lessons Learned Migrating SAP to the Cloud, to get new perspectives from Microsoft IT managers who share their real-world experiences moving SAP to the cloud.

Read the e-book to:

  • Learn how IT professionals assessed their SAP environment and developed their SAP cloud migration strategies.
  • Get actionable advice on how to optimize and secure SAP in the cloud.
  • Discover the cost savings benefits of migrating SAP to Azure and see how to future-proof your SAP investment.

Azure Stack HCI: Hybrid Cloud Essentials

This e-book provides an overview of the Azure Stack HCI host platform and describes how it can help you operate your hybrid cloud seamlessly.

Azure Lighthouse helps Sage provide a fast, flexible path to the cloud for medium-sized businesses

In working with the Microsoft EMEA downstream to refine the Sage Provisioning Portal, Sage found that giving partners access to the right client data at precisely the right time was a challenge. The combined team was only momentarily slowed down.

Sage and Azure found a seemingly tailor-made solution in Azure Lighthouse. With it, Sage business partners gain just-in-time permissions to the right roles for the right data. This gives appropriate roles tightly focused visibility into how the Sage Provisioning Portal interacts with the partner’s Azure subscription as well as all the actions it takes.

With the power of Azure Lighthouse, Sage could fully extend the Sage Partner Cloud Program to its partners and customers faster while reducing development cost. They can now easily and precisely facilitate and target partner access, security, scalability, and business continuity. And they slash migration times by up to 96%—from two days to just one hour.