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.NET applications on Azure

Build modern, scalable cloud apps on a cloud platform designed for .NET.

.NET Aspire is now available - Learn more

More cloud services

Take your cloud app development farther using more than 100 Azure services that support .NET natively.

Visual Studio tools

Take advantage of integrated Visual Studio developer tools, get started faster with project templates, and be more productive with powerful debugging tools.

Faster, simpler development

Develop more easily with one-click deployment in Visual Studio, or use Azure DevOps to setup a CI/CD pipeline for your app.

Create cloud-native apps and services with .NET and ASP.NET Core

Be more productive with Visual Studio

Develop, debug, and monitor cloud applications locally, and deploy to production using powerful integration tools. Use the range of features and capabilities to quickly and efficiently create highly secure applications optimized for the cloud.

Kick start your cloud-enabled .NET apps using the latest unified SDKs

Streamline your cloud development with features such as HTTP retries, logging, and transport and authentication protocols.

Learn more in the Azure.Core shared library for .NET, or download the SDKs to get started.

Migrate your .NET apps to Azure

Build, deploy and scale your .NET app with Azure App Service without managing infrastructure. Begin your .NET app migration journey to Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database today.

  • Web applications

    Build .NET web applications that can be hosted easily in Azure with ASP.NET, a set of tools and libraries for building web applications and services. Get auto scaling, patching, CI/CD, advanced performance monitoring, and production debugging snapshots with Azure App Service to make building and running your web applications easier.

  • Serverless computing

    Run code without worrying about infrastructure and pay only for the resources your code uses while running. Get an event-driven, serverless compute experience that fully supports .NET using Azure Functions.

  • Data services

    Use any data with managed database services from Azure. Create secure, scalable, globally redundant relational and non-relational data stores and access them easily with .NET.

Check out C# code samples

Get started using C# code for building .NET apps on Azure. From basic web apps to analyzing images with AI, advance your .NET application development with these code samples and tutorials.

Azure Services Every .NET Developer Needs to Know

Azure Quick Start Guide for .NET Developers

Find out which services can run your .NET applications and store your data more efficiently and securely.

Modernize existing .NET apps with Azure and Windows Containers

See how to move your existing .NET framework server apps directly to the cloud, without re-architecting or recoding entire applications.

Architecting Cloud-Native .NET Apps for Azure

This free e-book defines cloud native, introduces a sample app built using cloud-native principles, and covers topics common to most cloud-native applications.

Begin developing with .NET on Azure

Let’s set up your free account.

  • 12 months of free services
  • 45+ always-free services

  • $200 credit toward use of any Azure service for 30 days