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Microsoft Dev Box

Cloud-based workstations optimized for developers
Transform the development experience with ready-to-code, secure, on-demand dev boxes.

Accelerate developer productivity

  • Accelerate project onboarding and maximize developer productivity with dev-optimized workstations in the cloud.
  • Spin up a dev box on demand from a tailored, easy-to-use cloud developer portal and start coding in minutes.
  • Preconfigure workstations for specific projects with tools and code repositories and get devs started faster.
  • Take a Zero Trust approach to security for all projects while maintaining centralized management.

Deploy preconfigured, ready-to-code dev boxes

Cloud-based developer workstations

Get cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure built for developer productivity, integrated with developer workflows.

Standardized dev box preconfigurations

Preconfigure dev boxes for specific projects with all the resources needed to streamline dev onboarding.

Self-managed networking

Give dev team members high-fidelity experiences from anywhere in the world with region-specific dev boxes.

Centralized governance

Secure cloud workstations the same way as physical workstations for your organization with Microsoft Intune.


Enable dev teams to define and manage project-specific customizations for their dev boxes within IT guardrails.

Streamlined portal experience

Provide a self-service portal for developers and an easy Azure portal management experience for IT and dev leads.

Built-in security and compliance 

Microsoft has committed to investing $20 billion in cybersecurity over five years.
We employ more than 8,500 security and threat intelligence experts across 77 countries.
Azure has one of the largest compliance certification portfolios in the industry.
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Microsoft Dev Box pricing

Pay as you go with your existing eligible Microsoft 365 or Windows licenses. Dev Box is billed based on compute and storage consumption.

What’s new with Microsoft Dev Box

Stay up to date with the latest product announcements.

Microsoft Dev Box in action

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“It takes weeks for a developer to get a laptop. Utilizing Dev Box, I can spin up a dev environment in minutes.”
Michael Anderson, Director of Global IT, General Motors

Frequently asked questions

  • Microsoft Dev Box is available in many Azure regions, visit the Products by Region page for the most up to date list.
  • Most modern devices with an internet connection can access dev boxes, including devices supported by Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. You can access dev boxes through the Microsoft Remote Desktop app or directly within an HTML5-capable browser. Certain features may require specific hardware.
  • Dev Box provides high-performance connectivity and enables developers to select dev boxes closest to their physical location to deliver a fast experience.
  • Any tool that works on Windows OS can be installed on a developer box. Ultimately, the goal is for development teams to be able to build any application on any tech stack using any tool. Dev Box also supports developing and debugging cross-platform applications that run on Linux using Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  • Microsoft Dev Box is integrated with developer tools and workflows and specifically designed to help increase developer productivity.
  • To use Dev Box, each user must be licensed for Windows 11 Enterprise or Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Azure Active Directory P1. In addition to being available independently, these licenses are included in Microsoft 365 F3, Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 A3, Microsoft 365 A5, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft 365 Education Student Use Benefit subscriptions.
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