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Azure Sphere

Create, connect, and maintain secured intelligent IoT devices from the edge to the cloud.

Create, connect, and secure IoT edge devices

Azure Sphere is a secured IoT platform for building solutions that start in silicon and extend through the OS and the cloud. Securely connect, manage, and protect new and existing intelligent devices.

Diverse catalog of devices provides options to securely connect existing devices or build new highly secured intelligent devices

Over-the-air update functionality and powerful development tools make it easy to deliver improvements and patches to any device

Security improvements developed and deployed by Microsoft help protect against emerging threats across the device lifecycle

Interoperation with IoT platform services like Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central simplifies deployment, creating business value faster

Help secure intelligent devices from chip to cloud

Protect your device, data, and infrastructure on all fronts—hardware, software, and in the cloud. Trust that your data estate is secured with an end-to-end IoT security solution to connect existing equipment and create new IoT devices. Connect your existing devices to the cloud with Azure Sphere certified guardian modules or get started embedding Azure Sphere into new devices with the development kit.

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Deploy updates and maintain device operations

Respond to emerging threats and new requirements with real-time security patches, OS updates, and improvements to your application. Every Azure Sphere instance comes with more than 10 years of Microsoft security services that include managed updates. When you're ready, deploy over-the-air (OTA) updates alongside your application directly to the IoT device.

Accelerate time to market

Prioritize your business strategy and focus on driving the innovation that benefits your business. Concentrate your resources and efforts on developing your intelligent edge devices, applications, and experiences to deliver business value. Reduce time to market with flexible implementation options and bring-your-own-cloud connectivity.

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Develop secured IoT solutions

Solve industry-specific business challenges with scenario-focused, chip-to-cloud solutions. Connect and operate your new and existing devices with IoT device security solutions built by Azure IoT partners.

Azure Sphere and the seven properties of highly secured devices

Microsoft research on bringing high-value security to low-cost devices identified seven essential properties for making devices highly secure. Easily build them into your IoT devices with Azure Sphere.

  • Hardware-based root of trust

  • Small, trusted computing base

  • Certificate-based authentication

  • Renewable security

  • Defense in depth

  • Compartmentalization

  • Failure reporting

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

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Customers are reducing costs and improving business operations with Azure Sphere

Starbucks connects coffee machines to the cloud

Starbucks used Azure Sphere guardian devices to securely connect coffee machines—the workhorse of every store—saving the company time and resources with secured real-time performance metrics, predictive maintenance, and remote update.

A Starbucks store

GOJO improves hospital hygiene with secured IoT

GOJO built secured connected PURELL dispensers with Azure Sphere to analyze caregiver behavior in hospitals. The end-to-end security and integration with the Azure IoT platform made it possible for GOJO to deliver comprehensive data security in the sensitive medical industry.

A medical professional walking in to see a patient


OSO Hotwater improves energy efficiency

OSO Hotwater created a highly efficient water heater that connects to the Azure cloud and leverages Azure Sphere to securely communicate with grid companies and cities to improve efficiency, optimize resources, and reduce service disruptions.

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Sysinno monitors air quality with sensor devices

Sysinno built air-quality sensors to securely connect and monitor large environments. The end-to-end solution relies on Azure Sphere renewable security and integration with IoT Hub to improve performance and reduce operating costs.

An air quality monitor from iAeris
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Explore quickstarts, how-to guides, tutorials, and API reference documentation.

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Sphere

  • No. Azure Sphere components are tightly integrated to help ensure a secure and simplified device. They are sold together for a one-time cost and cannot be purchased separately.

  • No. Microsoft works with a diverse group of expert hardware manufacturers and their broad ecosystem of vendors to design specialized Azure Sphere–certified chips that meet the needs of various markets. Extensive research and testing contribute to the development of the security technology and architecture for each chip.

  • No, Azure Sphere doesn't require you to pay ongoing fees. The one-time cost you pay for your chip includes access to the Azure Sphere OS and cloud-based security service, plus OS updates for the lifetime of your chip.

  • Yes, Azure Sphere guardian devices can help you protect the connection-capable devices and equipment already deployed within your organization. Guardian modules require little or no equipment redesign. They process data and control equipment without ever exposing the equipment to the network. Guardian modules protect your operational equipment from disabling attacks, simplify device retrofit projects, and boost efficiency through over-the-air (OTA) updates and IoT connectivity.

  • No. Azure Sphere is engineered to integrate with any cloud service—public or private. You can connect to other clouds for app data while running Azure Sphere or optimize efficiencies by using Azure Sphere alongside Visual Studio and Azure IoT.

  • Azure Sphere complements Windows IoT. Windows IoT provides a best-in-class solution for devices with rich user experiences. Azure Sphere fortifies IoT devices with Microsoft security innovations and expertise in hardware, software, and the cloud.

  • Azure Sphere supports coordinated vulnerability disclosure and encourages responsible reporting to Microsoft by security researchers and customers. If you believe you have discovered a security-related vulnerability with Azure Sphere or have been affected by one, please contact us. Include clear, concise, and reproducible steps, documented either in writing or video format, to help the security response team quickly reproduce, understand, and address the issue.

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