Coming soon: A better Azure Marketplace

We’re building a new unified online store for pre-configured Azure software, tools, and data—and need to move some things around. Until the dust settles, here’s where to find everything.

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Data services

Find a wide variety of data including demographics, environment, financial, retail, and sports. Use this data in your Microsoft Office software, BI tools, and your very own custom applications.

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Machine Learning Marketplace

You don’t have to be a data scientist to take advantage of Azure Machine Learning. Bring your own data and leverage a variety of machine learning services such as forecasting, product recommendations and sentiment analysis.

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Virtual Machines

Access Microsoft and partner solutions configured to run in Azure Virtual Machines. Deploy with confidence knowing that each solution has been vetted through Microsoft Azure Certified for Virtual Machines.

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Web applications

Explore and install popular Open source community web applications ranging from blogging engines, photo galleries to eCommerce solutions. Build dynamic Websites in just minutes using these ready to use applications.

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Azure Active Directory applications

Configuring Single Sign-On to many different SaaS applications of various vendors can be a difficult and demanding task. Azure Active Directory simplifies the process by providing the most popular SaaS applications pre-integrated and ready to use.

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Application services

Discover, purchase, and provision application and data services from Microsoft partners. These services can be combined with Azure services from Microsoft to build powerful cloud solutions. Services provisioned through the Azure Store can be managed through the Microsoft Azure classic portal and service usage will be included on a single bill from Microsoft.

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