Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
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Expanding smart factories from production to management


LG CNS developed the cloud based smart factory solution ezUMS. By collecting real-time data pouring from factories or products and implementing machine learning, the solution allows management of production to forecast of breakdown. Above the all, technologies that were provided in a cloud and SI form transformed into service products.
Finning helps clients increase efficiency and revenue in tough market conditions with IoT, BI, and Azure

Finning International Inc.

The dramatic contraction in the mining industry is forcing mining companies to find new ways to increase yields and reduce costs. Finning—the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer—realized it could help customers improve operational processes with insight from an untapped resource: big data from machine sensors. Each machine has an onboard information system that gives mechanics diagnostic information. Although individually the data is modest, machines and applications co…
BioCatch Does Amazing Things with Open Source on Microsoft Azure


BioCatch is an Israeli ISV focused on the innovative area of Behavioral Biometric with cloud solutions for mobile and web around Authentication and Malware Detection. As a fast growing startup with 35 million users, BioCatch needed better performance on an elastic scale. The company decided to completely re-design the service’s architecture and leverage the best Open Source solutions in the market to create a modern platform that supports their accelerated business needs. The following video showcases the amazing “Microsoft + Open Source” story and the advantages Microsoft Azure provided BioCatch.
Weathering the storm: Big data and cloud technologies safeguard lives and businesses worldwide

AccuWeather, Inc.

Global weather company AccuWeather is using a technology platform including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain real-time intelligence into weather and business patterns. Handling 17 billion requests for data each day, AccuWeather is helping 1.5 billion people safeguard and improve their lives and businesses.
Connecting Buildings to the Cloud for a Greener Planet

Johnson Controls

2014 was the hottest year since record keeping began in 1880, and the trend continues as the first seven months of 2015 produced new all-time highs. With pollution a likely suspect in rising temperatures, there is a growing focus on building automation to drive more energy-efficient ways to regulate indoor air quality. Building owners are facing increased pressure to keep tenants comfortable while keeping pollution down.
Why Azure? Adcorp did it for advanced analytics and infrastructure that’ll scale for years.

Adcorp Group

Over the past few years, Adcorp grew quickly through acquisition—and found itself with a motley assortment of data systems in its subsidiaries that couldn’t talk to each other, making it difficult and time-consuming to get enterprisewide views and an analysis of the company. That’s all changed for the international provider of workforce management solut…
Innovative Utility Deploys Smart Streetlights as Digital Service Stations for the City of the Future

EnBW Energie Baden Württemberg AG

German utility EnBW lights up city streets with enhanced street lamps that incorporate digital service stations where sensors collect environmental data, drivers can charge their electric vehicles, Internet users can connect, and individuals can contact emergency dispatchers. The Microsoft Azure cloud facilitates the necessary data management and analytics, and Microsoft Services helps EnBW bring further innovation to smart streetlights and profit from it.
Creating Greener Solutions with Open Source Technologies on Azure

Johnson Controls

Amid growing pressure to reduce global energy consumption, everyone from individual homeowners to large corporations and government agencies are looking for greener ways to manage buildings. Johnson Controls, a leading provider of HVAC equipment and building automation solutions, wanted to create an easier, more-automated way to aggregate data and provide detailed intelligence on systems running in almost any location worldwide.
E-commerce challenger eyes the top spot, runs on the Microsoft cloud

Jet.com Inc.

Marc Lore is perhaps best known as the creator of the popular e-commerce site Diapers.com, which was eventually sold to Amazon. Now, the entrepreneur and his team are competing head-on with the e-retailing giant through an innovative online marketplace called Jet.com. To get up and running quickly, Jet built its entire e-commerce platform, including development and delivery infrastructure, on Microsoft Azure, using both .NET and open-source technologies.
Schneider Electric extends access to electricity

Schneider Electric

The current world population is 7.4 billion. That’s an astonishing number, particularly when you consider that most of the growth occurred over the last two centuries. And, of course, technology has advanced rapidly in that timeframe too, albeit with some acute disparities.

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