Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
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Creating real-time conversations with consumers, wherever they are


Targetbase helps consumer packaged goods and retail companies better engage with their customers. It does this by presenting relevant offers to consumers in real time, across devices and marketing channels. To create this real-time, anytime, anyplace consumer conversation, Targetbase rewrote its marketing platform using Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Azure analytics. By using the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Targetbase gained instant access to sophisticated machine learning, cognitive services, and data management capabilities. With Azure, Targetbase can quickly set up new customers, expand and scale anywhere in the world, and cut datacenter costs in half. Most importantly, Targetbase has transformed its offering with uniquely differentiated capabilities.
Marketing smarter by unlocking big data

Acxiom Corporation

Acxiom is a marketing analytics company that helps a range of businesses design highly targeted marketing campaigns through the smart use of big data. Acxiom is gradually replacing SAS, its longtime statistical modeling language, and Open Source R (CRAN-R) with SQL Server R services on SQL Server 2016 and is using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 R Services to implement R. With R Services, Acxiom is building better, more accurate models using larger data sets, which results in more precisely targeted marketing for customers. R Services licensing costs are lower than SAS costs, and Acxiom can better attract top talent because of the growing popularity of R.
Driving digital transformation for in vitro diagnostic medical devices with IoT

Roche Diagnostics

Background Diagnostic devices play a vital role in helping to improve healthcare delivery. In fact, an estimated 60 percent of the world’s medical decisions are made with support from in vitro diagnostics (IVD) solutions, such as those provided by Roche Diagnostics, an industry leader. Its IVD portfolio helps clinicians detect diseases, determine causes, monitor patient progress, and improve outcomes. Products include devices to assist in clinical chemistry and immunoassays, urina…
Playing follow the leader can pay big dividends

eToro Ltd.

More than 6 million registered traders in over 140 countries have taken a new approach to investing their hard-earned money. Through the eToro Social Trading Network, traders and investors can buy and sell a wide variety of financial instruments, while following and automatically copying the investment decisions of other successful traders in real time. This makes their trading experience more social, simple, enjoyable, and transparent. In early 2015, eToro moved the bulk of its platform from on-premises datacenters to Microsoft Azure. Soon after that, it added Azure analytics tools, including Microsoft R Server and Azure Machine Learning, to expand its new CopyFunds offerings. With the machine learning version of CopyFunds, investors can automatically duplicate market strategies and actual investment decisions of successful  traders in the eToro network to use in their own portfolios.
Delivering epic Xbox experiences by analyzing hundreds of billions of game events each day

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Studios produces some of the world’s most popular game titles including the Halo, Minecraft, and Forza Motorsport series. To enhance the gaming experience, Microsoft Studios created a big-data solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform including Azure SQL Data Warehouse. By analyzing live game-play, diverse development teams are gaining insights to improve game performance and customer satisfaction.
Expanding smart factories from production to management


LG CNS developed the cloud based smart factory solution ezUMS. By collecting real-time data pouring from factories or products and implementing machine learning, the solution allows management of production to forecast of breakdown. Above the all, technologies that were provided in a cloud and SI form transformed into service products.
Finning helps clients increase efficiency and revenue in tough market conditions with IoT, BI, and Azure

Finning International Inc.

The dramatic contraction in the mining industry is forcing mining companies to find new ways to increase yields and reduce costs. Finning—the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer—realized it could help customers improve operational processes with insight from an untapped resource: big data from machine sensors. Each machine has an onboard information system that gives mechanics diagnostic information. Although individually the data is modest, machines and applications co…
BioCatch Does Amazing Things with Open Source on Microsoft Azure


BioCatch is an Israeli ISV focused on the innovative area of Behavioral Biometric with cloud solutions for mobile and web around Authentication and Malware Detection. As a fast growing startup with 35 million users, BioCatch needed better performance on an elastic scale. The company decided to completely re-design the service’s architecture and leverage the best Open Source solutions in the market to create a modern platform that supports their accelerated business needs. The following video showcases the amazing “Microsoft + Open Source” story and the advantages Microsoft Azure provided BioCatch.
Weathering the storm: Big data and cloud technologies safeguard lives and businesses worldwide

AccuWeather, Inc.

Global weather company AccuWeather is using a technology platform including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain real-time intelligence into weather and business patterns. Handling 17 billion requests for data each day, AccuWeather is helping 1.5 billion people safeguard and improve their lives and businesses.
Connecting Buildings to the Cloud for a Greener Planet

Johnson Controls

2014 was the hottest year since record keeping began in 1880, and the trend continues as the first seven months of 2015 produced new all-time highs. With pollution a likely suspect in rising temperatures, there is a growing focus on building automation to drive more energy-efficient ways to regulate indoor air quality. Building owners are facing increased pressure to keep tenants comfortable while keeping pollution down.

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