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Data visualization is one of the most critical components for any kind of solution, and graph databases are no different. For Azure Cosmos DB, a highly-scalable and enterprise-ready visualization solution has been a common ask from customers. The need to visualize connected data is particularly present for both technical and non-technical users who face growing volumes of increasingly complex data. Extracting actionable insights from large and complex datasets is often difficult and time-consuming.

Interactive visualization tools allow for a faster understanding of complex data, and help users achieve a better understanding of problems. As result, users have a higher chance of discovering insights.

“Thanks to Azure Cosmos DB’s integrated Gremlin API, teams of analysts can now use Linkurious’ turnkey graph intelligence platform in combination with Azure Cosmos DB to detect and investigate threats hidden in complex connected data.” 

David Rapin, CTO and co-founder of Linkurious.

Today, we’re announcing that the popular graph visualization platform Linkurious enterprise is now available for Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API databases. On this platform you can create reports and visualizations from graph data while still leveraging full create, read, update, and delete functionality. In addition to that, the product highlights enterprise-ready features including secured access with Azure Active Directory integration.

Azure Cosmos DB and Linkurious logos

You can start using it today with your Azure Cosmos DB database and let users, technical or not, visualize and interact with data in real-time. The platform only requires Gremlin server credentials to connect, and you can use Azure Search to enable full-text search.

To get started, check out the try Linkurious page and their blog post announcement, “Linkurious announces support for Cosmos DB”. You can also follow them on Twitter. If you haven’t done so already, you can create a free account at the try Azure Cosmos DB page and select the Graph database option.

Please continue to provide feedback on what you want to see next in our service. Try out Gremlin API today with our Azure Cosmos DB for free experience. If you need any help or have questions and feedback, please reach out to us on the developer forums on Stack Overflow. You can also follow us on Twitter @AzureCosmosDB and #CosmosDB for the latest news and announcements.

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