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Last week in Azure: Capacity growth in China, Managed Applications, and more

Highlights from last week in Azure for the week of October 30, 2017: Azure capacity growth in China, GA of Azure Managed Applications, Azure Security Center updates, registration opened for Microsoft Connect(); 2017, and more

Last week in Azure, the rhythm of cloud news continues with the announcement of growing capacity, general availablity and preview of services, improvements in security and other updates, and the ramp up to next week's return of an annual event. The machinery of Azure hums along as each week makes it more than it was the week before.

1. Azure capacity is growing in China

At the Microsoft Tech Summit 2017 in Beijing, Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, announced plans to triple capacity of Azure in China over the next 6 months. Azure is the first international public cloud service to become generally available in the China market. For more information about Azure service in China, please visit the official site of Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet.

2. GA of Managed Applications in the Azure Marketplace

Corey Sanders, Director of Compute, Azure, announced the general availability of Managed Applications in the Azure Marketplace. Managed Applications, an Azure unique offering, enables you to deploy entire applications and empower your partner to fully manage and maintain the application in your environment.

You can learn more about Managed Applications in this blog post by Gaurav Bhatnagar, Azure Managed Application in Azure Marketplace: Under the hood, and in this recent episode of Azure Friday with Scott Hanselman and Niraj Gandhi:

Azure Managed Applications – Niraj Gandhi joins Scott Hanselman to discuss and demonstrate Azure Managed Applications. Managed service providers (MSPs), ISVs, and corporate IT teams can create managed applications to deliver solutions through the Azure Marketplace or the Service Catalog. Because the publisher manages and supports the applications, those who deploy them don't have to develop the additional expertise to maintain, update, or service them.

3. Azure Security Center

Similar to Security Center detections for Windows machines, Azure Security Center previews new threat detections for Linux. This capability uses new analytics that leverage audited records to detect malicious behaviors on cloud and on-premises Linux machines.

Tim Burrell, Principal Security Engineering Manager, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, describes two in-memory attack techniques and shows how these can be detected using Sysmon and Azure Security Center in his post, Detecting in-memory attacks with Sysmon and Azure Security Center.

4. Additional updates in Azure from last week:

5. Live from New York, it's… Microsoft Connect(); 2017

Join Microsoft’s Cloud Chief, Scott Guthrie, and top developer minds for the latest in open source technologies, Azure, Data, AI, DevOps, Visual Studio, Xamarin, and cross-platform applications next week, November 15-17, at Microsoft Connect(); 2017. You can watch it from virtually anywhere as an online event. Add it to your calendar and check out how Scott gets ready for Connect(); 2017.

6. Azure Shows

Container Orchestration Simplified with Managed Kubernetes in Azure Container Service (AKS) – Veljko Vasic demos the built-in automatic tuning intelligence mechanism in Azure SQL Database to show Seth Juarez how it can automatically tune and improve query performance by dynamically adapting the database to your workload. Automatic tuning in Azure SQL Database might be one of the most important features that you can enable on Azure SQL Database to optimize the performance of your queries.

Get Intelligent Insights for Improving Azure SQL Database Performance – Veljko Vasic shows Seth Juarez how Azure SQL Database uses built-in intelligence to continuously monitors database usage so that it can detect disruptive events that cause poor performance. Once detected, a detailed analysis is performed generating a diagnostic log with an intelligent assessment of the issue, which consists of a root cause analysis of the database performance issue and recommendations for performance improvements where possible (i.e., intelligent insights).

What’s New in Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB – Emily Lawton joins Scott Hanselman to discuss what's new in Azure Cosmos DB's API for Mongo DB, including new preview features such as support for the aggregation pipeline and unique indexes. They discuss tips and tricks for importing large backups using MongoDB Tools.

The Azure Podcast: Episode 202 – Cloud Shell – In-depth discussion with Azure Compute PM, Justin Luk, on the new Cloud Shell feature in the Azure Portal that serves up Bash and PowerShell command prompts right in the browser!

Cloud Tech 10 – 6th November 2017 – Truffle, ERC-20 Tokens, AKS for Kubernetes and more! – Each week, Mark Whitby, a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft UK, covers what's happening with Microsoft Azure in just 10 minutes, or less. In this episode:

  • Truffle Framework version 4 is available in the Azure Marketplace
  • The fastest VM's in Azure – Fv2 Series
  • Azure Container Service for Kubernetes – AKS
  • Transactional Replication for Azure SQL Database
  • blk's ERC-20 Token Service for Quorum Blockchain