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Public Preview for Azure Monitor for VMs on Arc Enabled Servers

Published date: June 18, 2020

Azure Monitor for VMs is a complete monitoring offering, providing the user with a view of and information about the performance of their virtual machines as well as any dependencies those systems have. It is available for Azure VMs, Azure VM scale sets, on-premise VMs, and is now available in public preview for Arc enabled servers. Users can onboard their Arc enabled servers to Azure Monitor through ARM templates, the UI, or using policies. Once onboarded, Arc enabled servers will fit right into the existing Azure-centric views in the portal: Arc enabled servers are co-mingled with Azure VMs and will appear in the UI along with the user’s Azure VMs and VM scale sets.

Azure Monitor for VMs is available for Arc enabled servers in regions where the Arc extension service is available. Users must be running version 0.9 or above of the Arc Agent to enable Azure Monitor for VMs on their Arc enabled servers.

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