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General availability: Built-in Azure Policy support for Network Watcher Traffic Analytics

Published date: July 21, 2021

Traffic Analytics is an Azure-native solution that allows you to get insights about the Azure Virtual Network flows originated by or targeted to your applications. For example, identifying network activity hot spots, security threats or network usage patterns is made very easy by navigating over the several ready-made Traffic Analytics dashboards. This solution depends on Network Security Group (NSG) Flow Logs to generate these insights.

In January 2021, we introduced Azure policy support for NSG Flow Logs. To further enable enterprises enforce org wide network traffic monitoring standards at scale, we now have built-in policy support for Traffic Analytics.

We are launching three built-in policies for deploying Traffic Analytics:

  • An audit policy: Flag flow logs resource without traffic analytics enabled.
  • Two DeployIfNotExists policies: Enable Traffic Analytics on NSGs in an Azure region of a subscription or resource group.

Read the tutorial.

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