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Cross Region Restore of Azure VMs now generally available

Published date: February 17, 2021

Azure Backup stores backup data in Recovery service vault which defaults storage settings to geo-redundancy, and the backed up data in the primary region is geo-replicated to an Azure-paired secondary region. However, the data that is replicated to the secondary region is available to restore in the secondary region only if Azure declares a disaster in the primary region. Customers who opt-in for this feature can initiate restores in the secondary region at any time. Hence customer controlled secondary region restores are made possible in both times of primary region being available or unavailable.

While we move the preview of CRR for Azure VMs to GA, CRR for SQL/SAP HANA databases running in Azure VMs will continue to be in preview.

What’s new

Azure zone pinned VMs enable with CRR vaults

Azure zonal pinned VMs that are backed up with RS vault enabled with this feature will now be provided with options to restore in any zone of customer choice. This will help customers to setting up same environment or even cloning the Azure VMs in another zone. This will also allow customers to restore to any zones in cross region or secondary region as well if enabled with Cross Region Restore. Learn more

More options of Azure VMs supported

Azure Backup supports all managed and unmanaged VMs for Cross Region Restore. Classic VMs remains to be unsupported.

Secondary Region RPO

In this release, we are starting with replication RPO (recovery point objective) of up to 12 hours in the secondary region even though the storage SLA of geo replication is 15 mins.

GA pricing same as preview pricing

As this feature is critical to customers looking for BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery), we are continuing to offer RA-GRS (read-access geo-redundant storage) replication pricing as same as preview pricing in GA as well. For more details check our pricing page.

Check region availability.

Learn more.

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