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General Availability: Managed Run Command – Execute PowerShell or shell scripts on Virtual Machines and Scale Sets

Published date: February 02, 2023

The ability to manage VMs by remotely executing scripts has been improved with the updated  Managed Run Command feature. Now it’s possible to execute multiple scripts at the same time, manage their progress and persist the execution outputs. Scripts and parameters can be used in ARM templates to automate the deployment. For long running scripts, asynchronous mode is supported to prevent blocking the VM provisioning. 

  • RunCommand script timeout can be specified to manage the execution timeline. 
  • Scripts can run under different user accounts (default to system account or root if not specified). 
  • Optionally, if the script output streams are expected to be large, external storage location can be specified for the VM to write the output directly. 
  • Now it is possible to execute multiple scripts at the same time or sequentially if they have a dependency on one another.

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