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General availability: Enabling IBM WebSphere on Azure Kubernetes Service

Published date: February 24, 2021

Get started with production ready WebSphere deployments on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with the Open Liberty Operator and step by step instructions. The guidance uses official WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty images provided by IBM and allows for a high degree of configuration and customization.

The combination of AKS with WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty offers a powerful and flexible platform for enterprise Java customers. The Open Liberty Operator allows you to reliably deploy and manage Java applications on both WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty. In addition to deployment and management on a Kubernetes cluster, the Operator also enables gathering traces and dumps for diagnostics.


IBM and Microsoft are working on to provide additional jointly developed offerings targeting WebSphere Traditional on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), WebSphere Liberty/Open Liberty on Azure Red Hat Open Shift (ARO), and WebSphere Liberty/Open Liberty on AKS.

More details on these solutions are available here. Customers are encouraged to evaluate these solutions for full production usage, provide feedback, and engage with the engineering team for personalized assistance.

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