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Public preview: Alerts based smart detection for Application Insights

Published date: June 16, 2021

Smart detection in Azure Monitor application insights automatically warns you of potential performance failure anomalies in your web application. It performs proactive analysis of the telemetry that the app sends to Application Insights. If there is a sudden rise in failure rates, or an abnormal pattern in performance, a detection is triggered.

Alerts-based smart detection is now in public preview, and Application Insights users can migrate their resources to the new smart detection version. The migration process creates alert rules for the different smart detection modules. Once you've migrated your Application Insights resource, you can manage and configure these rules just like any other Azure Monitor alert rules. Users can also configure action groups for these alert rules, thus enabling multiple methods of taking action or triggering notification on new detections.

Users who choose not to migrate to the preview version of alerts-based smart detection can continue to use smart detection (classic) as they do today. In the preview period, new Application Insights resources will be created with smart migration (classic) and need to be explicitly migrated to alerts-based smart detection if do desired.

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