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Cognitive Services-Preise – QnA Maker

Nutzen Sie Intelligence-APIs, um Funktionen für Bildanalyse, Spracherkennung und Erfassung nützlicher Informationen zu aktivieren

QnA Maker is an easy-to-use web-based service that trains AI to respond to user's questions in a more natural, conversational way. Thanks to a question and answer service with a graphical user interface, you don’t need to be an expert in natural language understanding to train, manage, and use it for a wide range of scenarios.


Tarif Merkmale Preis
Free 3 managed documents; up to 1 MB each $0
Standard No limit on the number of managed documents $10/Monat

The above pricing is for the QnAMaker management services (portal and the management APIs)

Apart from the above pricing, you also pay for resources consumed as described below. When you create a QnAMaker resource, you host the data and the runtime in your own Azure subscription. These are powered by Azure Search and App Service.

Azure App Service (for the runtime) More information Pricing
Azure Search (for the data) More information Pricing

QnAMaker will optionally provision an instance of Application Insights and will appear in your Azure subscription. Telemetry and chatlogs will be stored here. Learn more about QnAMaker analytics.

Application Insights More information Pricing

Support und SLA

  • Kostenloser Support für Abrechnungs- und Abonnementverwaltung ist im Leistungsumfang inbegriffen.
  • Wir garantieren, dass Cognitive Services im Standard-Tarif eine Verfügbarkeit von mindestens 99,9 % bieten. Für den Free-Tarif wird keine SLA bereitgestellt. SLA lesen


QnA Maker

    • A “managed document” can be:

    • an FAQ URL
    • an FAQ page in tsv, pdf, doc, docx or xls format
    • a product manual in .pdf format
  • The QnAMaker runtime can be deployed to any region where Azure Search and App Service is available. You can choose the regions and the tiers of Azure Search and App Service (and optionally App insights), when you create a QnAMaker resource in the Azure portal. Please see the QnAMaker documentation for more details.


  • Bing Search APIs are invoiced based on number of transactions (also known as API calls). These plans are pay-as-you-go and doesn’t incur additional cost for complex queries and more than 10 results (up to 50 results in most cases).

  • If you happen to exceed the mentioned number of transactions per second (TPS), your usage will be throttled to be within the mentioned limit. If your application needs to have higher TPS than the ones mentioned on this page, please reach out to the Azure support team.

  • For billing purposes, a transaction is a successful Bing API call request (though there are caveats for DoS attacks). For logging and reporting purposes such as for the Bing Statistics Add-in, it is any Bing API call irrespective of whether it is successful or not.

  • You can change the tier of service anytime. Please make sure you use appropriate keys in your API calls. If you are having enterprise agreement with Microsoft, please work with your account executive.


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