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Public preview: Event Hubs for Go

Published date: March 28, 2018

You can now integrate Azure Event Hubs in your Go applications by using the new Event Hubs package for Go. To get started, run go get or dep ensure -add and follow the README. API docs are available on GoDoc.

The Azure Event Hubs service offers managed "hubs" (like queues) for sending and receiving high-volume event streams such as transactional and operational logs. The new Go package offers easy-to-use Send and Receive functions, which communicate with hubs by using the AMQP 1.0 protocol as implemented by It also includes an Event Processor Host (EPH) package, which provides a framework for efficient scaled-out, distributed processing of received events.

Please share issues and feedback in the repo

Look for more Azure libraries for Go in the Azure SDK for Go.

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