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十一月 2019


Azure Data Lake Analytics U-SQL 執行階段升級


Azure Data Lake Analytics U-SQL 執行階段即將從 .NET Framework v4.5.2 升級至 .NET Framework v4.7.2。如果您使用 U-SQL 自訂,這項變更將帶來小幅度的中斷性變更風險。

  • Data Lake Analytics

七月 2017


Azure Data Lake Analytics now supports new policies to manage compute resources (AUs)

Implement your organization's policies to ensure that compute resources (AUs) are always available for your most critical U-SQL jobs.

  • Data Lake Analytics

五月 2016


Azure Data Lake update announcement


Azure Data Lake updates are available and provide basic improvements across the board.

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二月 2016


New Data Factory monitoring and management UI now available

Simplify how you monitor and manage your data pipelines with the new UI for Azure Data Factory.

  • Data Factory
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

一月 2016


Azure Data Lake tools for Visual Studio: December update

This update to the Data Lake tools for Visual Studio adds local run and editing improvements.

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十一月 2015


Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics integration with Azure Data Factory

You can use Azure Data Factory to move data to and from Data Lake Store, and you can run queries with Data Lake Analytics.

  • Data Factory
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1

十月 2015


Public preview: Azure Data Lake Analytics


Azure Data Lake Analytics dynamically scales so you can focus on your business goals. Instead of deploying, configuring, and tuning hardware, you write queries to transform your data and help extract valuable insights.

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