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    ML studio Experiments page to allow folders

    In ML Studio, at experiments, we need to allow a user to create folders to organize various projects. Usually one creates different experiments to tackle the problem in different ways. In the end, maybe only one or two experiments are put to use. However, the user would like to retain all prior experiments for future reference on what was tried. It also helps to allow user to add a Readme.txt to go along with each project to document. In our case, a workspace is shared, and the person who created the experiments may leave. In addition, after two years I may forget where my readme.txt was on my local computer due to computer refresh. Bottom line is that we need to have a project concept for Experiments using Folders and allow a user to create Readme.txt for this project.

    Cost Management Advisor recommendation to Scale Down to Free Tier

    Cost Management Advisor does not give recommendations to Scale Down App Services to the Free Tier if they are hardly used. I had a very frustrating experience as a developer, where I am testing the Automated Azure Machine Learning and QnAMaker which creates an App Service. The defaults are S1. I tried this once and left it. The costs were accruing on a daily basis and my Visual Studio Subscription became suspended within a few days. At no point did the Cost Management Advisor give any recommendations at all to reduce costs and it was a colleague that told me to go to the Scale Up blade and change the tier. This was even more frustrating in that you cannot change the tier of the service whilst the subscription is suspended and I had to wait for 3 weeks until the start of the next billing period.

    Enable multi-select when activating roles in Privileged Identity Management - My roles

    My daily job requires me to activate multiple roles through PIM. I need to be able to do this in one go instead of activate, reason, duration, wait, repeat for all the roles I need that day. Let me just select them all and go through the screen only once.

    Get Metadata Activity

    Currently Get Metadata Activity in ADF has a max limit of 1MB. Any chance this could be increased. We are loading files from an AWS folder and folder has thousands of files. Retrieving filenames is exceeding this limit! This is very urgent if you could help!



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