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    Can I see when an Azure/365 user or device was signed out or shutdown

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    Monitoring the OnPremise network appliances from Azure?

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    Transfer MCA agreement to CSP Agreement without recreating azure subscriptions

    Currently, we like to replace the Microsoft Customer Agreement on Azure Consumption with a Cloud Solution Provider Agreement. This is only possible for current subscriptions by creating new subscriptions and migrating the current resources to the new subscriptions. Some resources have to be newly created and all the DevOps integration (pipelines, IaC) has to be adapted. We were offered only for the analysis of one subscription/app a couple days of investigation. We estimate for all the subscriptions in place up to a couple of weeks of work. This is a lock-In to MCA and not acceptable. Therefore we ask to implement a way, were the current subscriptions are not touched and just reallocated to the new Agreement.Thank you and kind regardsBenno Richner

    Make Azure Tenant logs available for SIEM integration by sending them to an Event Hub

    Make Azure Tenant logs available for SIEM integration by sending them to an Event Hub.In particular we are interested for logs that indicate subscription creation and deletion.Thank you

    Allow to disable Subscriptions programmatically

    Neither with Rest nor with Powershell it is possible to disable subscriptions if there are resources in it. But in the portal this is possible without problems. This untraceable behavior is justified with security concerns. But since subscriptions can be "Enabled" again at any time, I think the risk is limited.Therefore I ask you to allow this feature in REST and via cmdlet.

    Extend Front Door Rest API

    Improve Front Door Rest API to allow create/update/delete on the individual components (e.g backend pools, routes) rather than on the entire resource as a whole.We have a case where different teams are creating microsites that use frontdoor as a routing mechanism. Each team wants to IaC their routes and backend pools but cant commit these separately, frontdoor has to be created/updated as a whole. This presents a problem whereby each team need to have insight into the existing routes, pools, etc that other teams have created else they run the risk of deleting all these and only applying their own.As I understand it the Az CLI provides this functionality ( the rest api only allows creation as a whole (

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