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Bing Search API v5 pricing

Existing customers who are using existing Bing API keys v5 for Web search, Image search, Video search and News search will be able to continue to use them:

  • until October 16, 2018 for direct customers;
  • until the end of their respective contracts for EA customers;

However, the creation of new Bing API keys (v5) will not be available starting October 16, 2017 onwards.

Bing Web Search API, Video Search API, Image Search API and News Search v5 pricing

標準 S1 標準 S2 標準 S3 標準 S4 標準 S5 標準 S6
價格 (每個月) $3 $30 $300 $2700 $8100 $27000
層中包含的交易上限 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 3,000,000 10,000,000
超額費率 (每 10,000 筆交易) N/A $30 $30 $27 $27 $27

支援與 SLA

  • 含免費的帳單及訂用帳戶管理支援。
  • 我們保證標準層中執行之辨識服務的持續運作時間至少須達 99.9%。免費層不提供 SLA。閱讀 SLA


  • The Emotion API, Face API, Language Understanding Intelligent Service API, Bing Speech-to-Text API, and Bing Text-to-Speech API are billed per 1,000 API transaction calls when a production API call is being actively executed. Billing is prorated for production API transaction call quantities.

    The Bing Long Form Speech API service is billed per hour of speech that is analyzed. The billing is prorated on a per-minute basis.

    The Recommendations API and Text Analytics API can be purchased in units of the standard tiers at a fixed price. Each unit of a tier comes with included quantities of API transactions. If the user exceeds the included quantities, overages are charged at the rate specified in the pricing table above. These overages are prorated, and the service is billed on a monthly basis. The included quantities in a tier are reset each month.

  • 當達到免費層的交易限制時,將會對使用量施以節流處理。消費者不能累積免費層的超額部分。

  • Any annotation to a document counts as a transaction. Batch scoring calls will also take into consideration the number of documents that need to be scored in that transaction. So for instance, if 1,000 documents are sent for sentiment analysis in a single API call, that will count for 1,000 transactions. If an API supports more than one annotation operation, that will also be considered. Let’s say an API call performs both sentiment analysis and key-phrase extraction on 1,000 documents, that will count for 2,000 transactions (2 annotations * 1,000 documents).

  • 如果超出標準層的使用量,帳戶就會開始累計超額部分。這些超額部分會每月計費,並按各層指定的費率計算。

  • 任何 API 呼叫 (除了批次評分呼叫) 皆視為一筆交易。批次評分會依據該筆交易中需要評分的項目數計費。

  • 當達到免費層的交易限制時,將會對使用量施以節流處理。消費者不能累積免費層的超額部分。免費層不支援批次評分。

  • 您可以購買 Recommendations API,其標準層以單位計算並以固定價格計費。各層每單位都附在 API 交易量中。如果使用者超過所附數量,超額部分會按上面的定價表費率收費。這些超額部分會依比例計費,服務則每個月收費。一層所附的數量每月會重新設定。

  • 您可以隨時升級為更高的服務層。更高服務層的費率與內含數量將於近期內公佈。


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